Today We Said Goodbye

They say a good dog never dies, and the humans say I was one of the best.  My mom and dad spent the last week spoiling me rotten and telling me about a special journey I was taking to a place called the Rainbow Bridge.  They told me they would be here to see me off, and there’d be a ton of dogs to meet me when I arrived and keep me company until they could be with me again.  Mom told me I could still run and play, but that I wouldn’t be in pain anymore.  She said her dad would meet me and make sure I still got pets and love.  Gosh I love my family and I’m sad to leave, but this place sounds like a great spot to wait until we meet again!

– –

This week I walked lots with mom.  We sat in the sun and I sniffed all the smells!


Mom let me forget about my diet and enjoy doggy frozen yogurt, creamsicles and pupcakes.


 I had a doggy massage


And snuggled every single visitor.


Mom planned a party to celebrate my life.


And we all laughed and were silly


We ate lots of treats


Lots and lots of treats….

unnamed (1)

And I made sure the humans kept busy with petting me so they didn’t have time to be sad.




Plus I really love being petted.


I smiled lots.


And spent time with my favourite people before it was time to go.


So today we said goodbye.  Or more accurately we said “see you soon”.  Because goodbyes are not forever, they just mean I’ll miss you til I see you again!



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